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Generated Fashion – An otherworldly Ai design studio, just for eyewear brands.


About Me

As someone who has lived and worked in several countries, I started off my career as a journalist and videographer, shooting events like London Fashion Week, The German Embassy Olympics Party, Store Openings with Fashion Insight and event coverage with buzz-worthy alternative celebs….. Then I moved on to shooting and editing video lookbooks for brands and creating promos for companies.

The virtual fashion story begins further on down the line where among other things like doing DE/ENG translation and trying to become a Eurodance singer, I thought I’d try my hand at making latex clothing.

However, I was horrible at doing things by hand (practically gluing my hand to the table) and then in the earlier part of 2017, I fortunately discovered virtual fashion!! Once I saw that you could make virtual 3D clothing, I was hooked.

I was one of the first people to try and sell clothing before it existed because I thought that it could be used on the front end, which led me to win a place with the Fashion Technology Accelerator.

As a 3D fashion designer, I also participated in the Altaroma showcase showing my animation as part of the Rome Fashion Week.

However, I knew that ai would be able to do a lot of my work for me and I was fine with that! 

So in 2020, I came up with some fashion use cases with one of the first art generators of its kind, Playform art, and then expanded from there, using other innovative platforms for video generation, ai editing, animation and more!

Since then everything exploded in the industry and now my creative work, as showcased on this site, has evolved alongside the cutting edge technology of today.

Where can I find out more?

The best thing to do is drop me a line via my chatbot and tell me what intrigues you about the crazy world of ai fashion!

Then we can have a chat together about what you have in mind and hopefully have a laugh as well! 

Good vibes and a enjoyable process will help you see your products and ideas through a lens you never looked through before, so to speak. 


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